Product Review: Intrinsicurly Me Hair Care Range

Intrinsicurly Me is a South African hair care brand founded by curl boss Simonne Solarsh (just have a look at her beautiful curls). What I loved about hearing Simonne's hair-story is that she grew up with pretty much the same struggles that many of us curly, kinky or coiled ladies also known as textured hair ladies, went through. The struggle with acceptance and trying to fit into a world that said for the longest time all else is beautiful except our textured hair. (we are taking our power back and taking our texture to greater levels so all of that is and will change). The struggle to accept our hair and inevitably accept ourselves as we are. 

Simonne has lovely curls, curls that she struggled to accept growing up, curls she struggles to keep defined and moisturised, curls she eventually loved and curls that led her to developing her brand and products, Intrisicurly Me. A visit to a salon in the states that specialises in curly hair further ignited the flame that was already burning within her and she was introduced to, as well as, quickly learnt about the Curly Curl Method. (simply put this method incorporates the avoidance of heat, shampoo, hair tools like combs and brushes, products with sulfates, non water soluble silicones, fragrances and alcohol). Her current product range caters for those who follow this method of caring for their hair. 
Why the name Intrinsicurly Me..taken from the word Intrinsically which means of or relating to the essential nature of a thing - in other words 'Being Me' (o:

Intrinsicurly Me products are sulfate, silicon, mineral oil and paraben free. The products can be bought online at with delivery nationwide or at select Salons in Cape Town and Gauteng (see a list on and do follow the page to keep up to date with news and events) 
Above: Before using the Intrisicurly Me products
Intrinsicurly Me Luxurious Creamy Cleanser - 100ml priced at R120 and 300ml priced at R240
Its all in the name - a luxurious creamy cleanser and that is indeed what this is. It is also lather free but does emulsify - becomes like creamy slippery once used and activated with water. It promises to be moisturising and detangling.
The Hair Loved - the scent - a light peppermint scent as well as the tingling and clean feel of the hair and scalp after the last rinse. Hair was left feeling clean whilst moisturised.
The Hair Could Do With More of - nothing much to say here, the product did what it said it would do. I think that because the consistency of this cleanser is thinner and more runny than the other products I used it more than the other products, not complaining, just noting. (usually we use the conditioner more than the cleanser lol)
The Hair Did Not like - nothing to say here.
Overall -  would certainly use this cleanser ongoing, it works quite well even though it is lather free. Curls also started to define if the hair was detangled properly prior.

Intrinsicurly Me Luxurious Creamy Conditioner - 100ml priced at R120 and 350ml tub priced at R290
This conditioner is sulfate, paraben and silicon free and being silicon free it won't leave any insoluble layers on your hair strands (silicons especially bad silicons make it difficult to remoisturise the hair,  its like having a layer of plastic on the hair strand. So yes they help in smoothing the hair but is it worth it for hair not to be able to take up water again prior to cleansing - it would mean using shampoo to remove the silicons daily - perhaps? Inevitably dried out hair breaks and more so when you cannot maintain the moisture protein balance).
The Hair Loved - that it is both softening and slightly strengthening (yes, there is some hydrolyzed Keratin in the ingredients - big smile). It also smells quite nice and A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY!
The Hair Could Do With More of - a tub instead of a bottle for the 100ml only because you kinda have to hassle a little with getting the product out because of its consistency BUT just take the lid off - simples. The 350ml is a tub which is great.
The Hair Did Not like - nothing to say here.
Overall - The hair was left soft and tangle free (with the help of my paddle brush where needed), bouncy and had some shine.
                                                                      Above: After using the curl creme on clean damp hair 
Above: Once the hair dried
Intrinsicurly Me Curl Creme - 100ml priced at R120 and 250ml tub priced at R260.
After one has had a good clean foundation, this product then works its magic (the magic of moisturising our hair starts at the cleansing step). It promises to be an anti frizz curl enhancer for wavy, curly and kinky hair (and formulations are underway to create a creme for more kinky coils - oh and I did get to try this)
The Hair Loved - that it says exactly that - its a curl enhancer and will enhance what you have. You can also encourage curl/shape formation by twirling the hair around your fingers or by doing finger coils or even twists. I love the that curl formation lasts but not in a crunchy hold type of way if that makes sense. There is hold but the hair was also soft and the hair remained soft right through the week. With well moisturised hair comes elasticity aka shrinkage but the hair does get fuller and FROs out as the days go by. I noticed the creme had a bit of a mousse feel once smoothed into the hair and may work well on flexi rod sets (I will try this). The curls were popping especially on wet hair. ( I will update this post once I try this out on the sister who went into a protective style before I could). Warning - your hands will love being in your hair!
The Hair Could Do With More of - nothing much to say here. I love my frizz and it did show itself as the days went by. I was heavy handed the first time I used this and once the hair dried it appeared slightly dull so start off with a little at a time. Also this is Jozi, one still has to remoisturise the hair as the days go by (I spritz with water and only used the curl creme when needed).
The Hair Did Not like - nothing to say here.
Overall - A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY which is great. This is an all in one or all you need product really and if you want a bit more oil to seal then apply it (a tad bit as you do not want to weight the hair down). I would certainly keep this in rotation. The hair felt light and not weighed down too.
Above: Day 2/3 still a lot of curl definition - hello frizz
Above: Twisting Day 3/4 Hair
Above: Results of the twist out
If you would like a chance at trying this South African brand, you can enter a Giveaway of the full sized products (Cleanser, Conditioner and Curl Creme) worth more than R700. All you need to do is comment below telling me what you think about YOUR curl texture (we sometimes get caught up in hair typing and sometimes judge hair based on ones skin colour and that really is not the case).
- Giveaway ends on Thursday 23 November
- Only open to residents of South Africa
Check my social media pages for more chances to enter. 

Feel free to share this post or a link to it so that your friends can enter too.

As always - listen to YOUR hair.
Above: Enter the Give Away


  1. I have 90% 4c on my head. It’s tighlty coiled in its natural and I cannot achieve curl definition without the air of a product. I love my texture and all the extreme shrinkage that comes with it, one day I have a twa and the next I have a full Afro, it keeps everyone guessing. I also do love using creams and gels to get some curl definition. Recently achieved a perfect wash and go, I swear I almost cried. It’s an ongoing journey of learning which products and techniques work for my hair, trying perm rods and flexi rods or just embracing my hair as it grows out of my scalp. I love my hair, we’ve come far together.

    1. Hi Inkamo. Thank you so much for entering, a winner has been chosen. I love that you love your hair and are LISTENING to your hair. Enjoy the journey, enjoy YOU!

  2. Shuuu I have a very hard afro , which is not manageable at all.. Am even thinking of going short again cos its stressing me and I can't seem to find the right hair products to make my hair soft, manageable and curly .. I love curly hair , your hair Joan is goals 😭😭 I wish my hair was like yours honestly!. But I would love to try these products out!

    1. Hi there. Thank you for entering, a winner has been chosen. Thank you so much for the love (me, hair x) We are all different and the journey is about embracing our own hair and learning to listen to our own hair and TRYING NEW THINGS. I know you will get there! x

  3. I have a hard afro and I seem to not have the product that makes it soft. Also, products don't stay long on my hair. My hair currently shrinks a lot. Trying to find the product that works. I would love to win the Intrinsicurly Me products. Perhaps they are what my hair needs.

    1. Hi Bontles, thank you for entering, a winner has been chosen. Water and conditioners are our best friends when it comes to softening the fro. Shrinkage is also our best friend because it is an indicator of hair health. Once you embrace it and stop fighting it, you will find your journey much easier. There are also way to gently stretch the hair like banding and twists etc. Technique is also important as much as product. How you apply (e.g smoothing section by section) and when you apply are just as important. Keep trying new products and techniques and you will find what works for you. Much love x

  4. I have always loved natural hair, I just lacked the understanding and persistence. I have tried going natural 5 years ago but due to external pressures I ended up using stretching chemicals. Last year I did a big chop and I am loving it. My hair type is not 100% type 4c and the texture is also not 100% coarse. The back hair is softer than anywhere else which indicates that hair texture is not defined by colour. I also realized that my hair line has a thinner texture. My coils are tight but are not defined. I love the texture of my hair and I look forward to using Intrinsicurly Me. :D

    1. Hi Tiisetso, thank you for entering, a winner has been chosen. I am glad that you have returned to embracing you as you are loving you and your hair all the more. Keep to using good quality treatments that will nurture your whole head of varying textures (I am the same) and use light products that do not easily build up and weigh down your hair. Hair creams as opposed to heavy hair butters. Attend hair events to speak to the various brands and obtain product samples etc. You will get there x


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